About PhiDE


Mission Statement:

Phi Delta Epsilon International Medical Fraternity creates physicians of integrity with a life-long commitment to our guiding principles of philanthropy, deity, and education through fellowship, service, mentoring, and formal training in leadership, science, and ethics.

Guiding Principles:

Equity & Education


"Facta Non Verba, Deeds Not Words"

  • What do we do?

  • Here at the NJ Beta Chapter we also promote fellowship, service, mentoring, and formal training in leadership, science, and ethics. Some of our recent events include:
  • Participating in the Central New Jersey Autism Walk
  • Beach trip to Point Pleasant
  • Hosting a Blood Drive at Rutgers University 
  • Multicultural Potluck Night
  • Gelfand Lecture
  • Participating in weekly after school tutoring program for local kids in the New Brunswick area

What is the difference between Phi Delta Epsilon and any other pre-medical organization?

A simple answer is - camaraderie. PhiDE is a fraternity, not a club. The service we participate in, the socials we have, as well as any academic events that are held are done as a unified group with a goal in mind. NJ Beta Chapter is one of the most diverse organizations at RU boasting a co-ed status and members from over 10 different countries. You will be prepared for everything you encounter in your future because of your PhiDE membership - both because of the value of the experience itself and the lifelong bonds you will form as a member that will always be present.

What PhiDE Chapters Do - A Campus Perspective

The student chapter is the base of the Fraternity’s structure. Membership originates there and friendships are established there. All communications flow through the chapter and the benefits of membership in PhiDE are received through active participation in chapter activities and events. We have Premedical and Medical Chapters. Through a host of planned activities during the academic year, students develop the leadership and professional skills, which complement a basic understanding of medical science. When the time comes to apply for medical school and to match for residency, active membership in PhiDE is evidence that a student is well-rounded and motivated. There are also many chapter activities to help relieve the stress of studying. Once you've graduated medical school, you become a graduate member. Graduate members provide the mentoring and resources for our student population. Many of our Graduate members host dinners for new PhiDE physicians in the area, provide externships for students and are active in their communities through service and philanthropy.

What You Can’t Learn In Books

A key focus of the chapter is the professional development of its student members. This is achieved through planned programming that reaches beyond academics to more specifically address the needs of the individual student.

Aaron Brown and William Gelfand Lectureships

What would you think about meeting former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop? What if he came to your campus because you asked him? Dr. Koop is one of many distinguished physicians who have come to PhiDE campuses to address students, faculty, and area medical professionals as part of the Aaron Brown or William Gelfand Lectureship Programs.

A Call to Service

To meet the fraternity’s call to service, PhiDE student chapters mobilize members and other volunteers to help combat drug abuse, child abuse, illiteracy, homelessness, AIDS, loneliness, starvation, and disaster. Efforts in the local communities point the attention of our future physicians to the human side of suffering and pain.

The Philosophy: Work Hard and Play Hard

Intramural sports, group study sessions, banquets, ski trips and Sunday brunches with area doctors – the PhiDE social scene can’t be beat. And there is something for everyone. PhiDE members have many opportunities to develop relationships on both a personal and professional level that last a lifetime.


International Fraternal Organization

Membership offers networking opportunities with medical students and physicians throughout the United States and Canada. PhiDE is actively represented on over 30 medical school and university campuses and has members in every state, many in North America.

Professional Interaction

Members are directly affiliated with chapters, clubs, and emeritus groups in major metropolitan areas throughout North America.

Upperclass-level Support

Each membership level receives mentoring and support from those who have successfully completed the previous course of study. Medical students offer assistance on school related topics, medical school applications, and the MCAT. Graduate physicians offer assistance with residency selection and career choices.

Annual International Conventions

Scientific programs, leadership training, round-table discussions, and social interaction are all part of the Annual Business Meeting in the Fall and the Scientific Meeting and Convention in the Spring.

Student and Graduate Hosts

Students traveling for medical school visits and residency interviews may be housed with local fraternity members when they travel.

Distinguished Lecturers

The Fraternity sponsors a distinguished lecturer for each chapter through the Aaron Brown or William Gelfand Lectureships. Health care professionals from the community are encouraged to join members for this major campus event.

Career Enhancement

Insight into the practice of medicine is gained through one-on-one and group interaction with students and physicians. Active involvement in chapter community service projects and other chapter activities aid pre-medical students in making informed career decisions.

Leadership Development

Chapter officers and project coordinators learn leadership skills such as motivation and delegation techniques, communication and organizational skills.


Chapters create their own leadership structure, annual calendar, and budget, thereby gaining valuable experience in the fundamentals of organization and business.

Community Service

Members increase their awareness of community needs, activities, problems, and solutions by sponsoring philanthropic endeavors, special events, and fundraising campaigns for non-profit organizations.

Insurance Programs

PhiDE offers insurance plans for life, medical, dental, disability and more through Pearl Insurance Co.


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